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Protect Your Most Important Asset with Guaranteed Income for Life

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Guaranteed Income Solutions that Can Deliver Peak Performance

Whether you’re just starting to save for retirement, or close to tapping into your nest egg, it’s important that you take steps to ensure the financial freedom you want before you actually need it. Guaranteed Income Strategies are one of the few sources of retirement income that can lock-in income for life and supplement Social Security. We will help lead your vision and no matter how you imagine retirement, having the freedom to live life on your terms will likely hinge on having a secure source of reliable income. Let’s start a conversation, and allow us to design a PEAKplan for you as part of a free consultation so you can understand and see how you can start planning the future you want and achieve Peak performance in life.

Guaranteed Income

Potential to provide income for life at a fixed rate

100% Principal Protection

Zero risk of any loss of principle

Tax Deferred

Ability to accumulate wealth on a tax deferred basis

Potential for High Returns

When Linked to a Benchmark Index such as the S&P 500

Who Should Consider

Fixed Annuities

Guaranteed income strategies can be used to augment existing stock and bond portfolios or as a way to supplement your retirement income or secure guaranteed income for the rest of your life. With interest rates near all-time high levels, a fixed annuity may be a smart choice for you to lock in a high rate of return without the risks associated in the bond market. A PEAK American financial professional can help you easily understand all the details and see if an annuity is right for your situation.

We Make It Simple
With Our Approach


Discovery Process

Starting smart begins by getting a clear understanding of an investor’s current financial situation and how they would like it to progress to help meet their future lifestyle goals and objectives.


Designing Your PEAKPlan

Once we’ve gathered information, our team will develop a holistic financial plan tailored for you and your family that combines both investment and annuity solutions. The PEAKPlan is designed to be simple, reliable, and effective to meeting your needs in retirement and to accumulate wealth for wherever your starting point is. We also offer free online tools that allow you to visualize different scenarios so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.


Implement, Monitor & Communicate Progress

We will then put your PEAKplan in motion. As time goes by, we proactively manage your plan, monitor its progress, and adjust it to meet shifting objectives and changing market dynamics. We believe communication is one of the most important aspects of success going forward as life evolves to ensure we meet your goals in the future.

Comparing Annuity Options

Deferred Fixed Annuity Variable Annuity Fixed Index Annuity Immediate Income Annuity Deferred Income Annuity (DIA)
Features and Benefits Guaranteed fixed interest rate Tax-Deferred growth Principal protection Range of Investment Choices Tax-Deferred growth potential Potential for loss in value Interest is accumulated to an index account based in part on the performance of the external Index. Tax-Deferred growth Market loss protection Guaranteed income begins within 13 months of the contract issue Single purchase payment Limited liquidity Guaranteed income begins no earlier than 13 month after the contract issue Flexible purchase payments No liquidity (limited exceptions on some products)
Focus Tax-Deferred Accumulation Tax-Deferred growth or, if a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit is elected, meeting predictable income goals Tax-Deferred Accumulation Immediate income needs Future income needs
Death Benefit Protection Typically Depends on annuity option chosen Most DIA options provide for a return of purchase payment(s) if you die before income payments begin. After annuity income payments begin, any death benefit payable will be based on the annuity option you have chosen.
Lifetime income option

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