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We are a Financial Services Boutique for Overachievers

For over 30 years, we have provided a combination of investment, annuity and planning solutions that are less complex, more effective, and hyper-reliable to help people live their lives on their terms. We serve the overachievers in our country and the heroes of the middle and upper middle class, who proudly rolled up their sleeves and worked hard with the mindset that “freedom” in the long-term, is the key determinant of happiness. We generally work with clients who have between $100,000 and $3mm in investable assets.

Life Insurance

June 28, 2023

Fixed Annuities

June 27, 2023


November 14, 2021

Financial Planning

November 4, 2021

Retirement Income

June 30, 2023

Tax Strategies

June 29, 2023

Life Insurance

June 28, 2023

Trusts and Wills

November 14, 2021


PEAK Performance Philosophy

We believe clients face increasing risks and uncertainty as they go through life that extend well beyond just stock market volatility. Most financial advisors miss this critical element typically targeting ultra-wealthy clients who can afford to take more risk or add complex strategies that may not truly achieve client objectives.

At PEAK, we have a solid understanding of who our clients are and the unique challenges they face to achieve financial security in life. As we work with you to achieve your goals, we will help lead your vision around what achieving PEAK performance means to you and provide a clear roadmap on how to get there. Our philosophy is grounded in taking a hybrid approach that combines proprietary investment strategies, and annuities when needed, to navigate the market and to grow your capital with less downside risk. Our Goal is simple. And that’s to help you achieve your dreams and to live the life you want with the security you deserve. That’s PEAK Performance!

Learn how easy it is to work with us by booking a free consultation and start walking downhill in life.

Our Goal is to Lead with Clarity



We design a clear path and financial plan to achieve your goals.



Using a blend of proprietary investment strategies, we can secure your financial future with less uncertainty



The PEAKplan can help to secure your financial future and freedom in life

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Our Values

Do unto others as you would have done to you (Luke 6:31).01

Hard-working, strong work ethic.02

Get it done with integrity.03

Commit to learning and growing.04

Overachievement should be recognized and rewarded.05