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Protect your income while growing your future wealth.

We are dedicated to ensuring that people in, or near retirement have the necessary plans in place that will provide for their financial well-being and peace of mind.

Our strategy to manage risk and minimize loss

The first action you can take to ensure confidence in your financial portfolio is minimizing your risk of loss. By the time your retirement rolls around, the volatility of the market is not something that should be of concern to you. To achieve this, investment planners are frequently hired to oversee and maximize financial growth. Changing your strategy in favor of establishing wealth preservation as well as confidence in your future income is the best way to give yourself a stress-free retirement, and the best way to do that is to meet with the professionals at Peak American Financial.

The following are areas of concern in which we help our clients. Select one to see how we address them.


"With all the ups and downs of the market, I don't want to risk my life savings on so much unpredictability. What can I do?"


Peak American addresses this problem with the solutions that help you capture market gains while also limiting exposure to the downside.
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"I don't want to be a burden on my family as I get older, and I don't want to go back to work to support my retirement. What can I do to protect my family?"


Our clients do not want to rely on just social security or a pension during retirement. We give them freedom by providing an additional guaranteed monthly income that they cannot outlive.
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“What if I get really sick and need to be in the hospital for a long time? I don’t have the money for that, and I don’t want to rely on my family to handle it.”


Our clients are concerned with who will take care of them if they ever become too ill to take care of themselves. We assist our clients with solutions that leverage funds they already have, eliminating the need for expensive traditional LTC policies.
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"Prices keep going up every year just for basic needs. How can I afford to keep up with inflation when I'm no longer working?"


If you are a retiree living on your savings, it can difficult to maintain the same living standard if inflation cuts into your purchasing power with every passing year. We solve the problem with solutions that can return significantly better returns than CDs or money market accounts without the risk associated with being directly "in the market."
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"I want to leave my loved ones a personal gift they will remember and value. How can I do this without placing a huge tax burden on them?"


Our clients specifically do not want to leave a tax burden on their children and loved ones. We ensure that the beneficiaries receive the funds intended to go to loved ones in the most tax-efficient manner with solutions that provide tax-free death benefits.
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Neither Peak American nor any of its employees or advisors practice law. All legal questions and opinions are at the discretion of licensed attorneys that you engage.

Who We Serve: Our Strategic Income Approach

Are you looking for a different retirement income approach?

Everyone has a different lifestyle. Even so, We believe that a solid retirement income strategy is the best way to have that assurance for everyone.

The majority of our clients fall into one or more of the categories on the right. We apply special retirement income considerations for each group and we will investigate these with you during an initial goal setting session with our advisors.

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Retirement income assessment and management will provide you a path to acquiring income to support your lifestyle. As part of this group, your strategy should stress stability, income and the possibility of asset growth.

A life-altering diagnosis can be devastating and often impossible to predict. Covering the cost of medical bills could become a constant source of uncertainty and anxiety. We can help you arrange for steady, lifetime income**and principal protection. You may also find it worthwhile to invest in annuity contracts or riders** which provide increased income* – for certain healthcare conditions.

Regardless of if you are a child holding a Power of Attorney, or a parent who may wish to give control sometimes in the future, the goals and assets involved are something you must take into consideration. As your financial professionals, we will help you to make this a seamless and stress free process

One thing that most seniors share is an aversion to dependence on their families in instances of disability or other economic hardships. We recognize the value of independence and as such, we want to help you by designing strategies which will provide a guaranteed, sustainable source of income designed to keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life.