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The first action you can take to ensure confidence in your financial portfolio is minimizing your risk of loss. By the time your retirement rolls around, the volatility of the market is not something that should concern you.

To achieve this, investment planners are frequently hired to oversee and maximize financial growth. Changing your strategy in favor of establishing wealth preservation as well as confidence in your future income is the best way to give yourself a stress-free retirement, and the best way to do that is to meet with the professionals at Peak American Financial.

We help in the following five key areas of planning:

1. Income

-  Analyzing income and expenses

-  Maximizing Social Security

-  Developing longevity protection strategies

2. Investment

-  Assessing risk tolerance

-  Being supported by institutional-level money managers

3. Tax-Efficient Strategies

-  Assessing the taxable nature of accounts

-  Strategizing ways to include tax-deferred and tax-free money in your plan

-  Developing RMD withdrawal strategies

4. Long-Term Care

-  Looking at all aspects of Medicare and supplements

-  Analyzing options for LTC 

5. Estate Planning

-  Updating beneficiaries

-  Securing all necessary estate planning documents

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